Best of Tribeca Immersive 2018


Every year Tribeca Film festival delivers premium innovative and inspiring films and experiences, and 2018 was no different.

Amongst an incredible line up of films lay the Immersive category that includes a Virtual Reality Arcade, Temme's favorites for this year were 'Where Thoughts Go' and 'Dinner Party'

Where thoughts go is exactly what Virtual Reality should be used for - bridging technology and the human connection.  This is an intimate social VR experience set in a world where all human thoughts exist as sleeping creatures, each holding a voice message left by previous visitors to the world.  As they awake, they reveal the dreams, experiences and fears of other people—and give the participant the opportunity to leave their own for others to find.

Another noteworthy experience was Dinner Party.  You are transported to 1961 where you in immersed in the incredible story of Betty and Barney Hill, an interracial couple who made the first report of a UFO abduction in America. Having sought hypnosis to recover memories of their inexplicable experience, the Hills decide to listen to the recording of their session during a dinner party and what they hear is the incredible part.

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