Kaleidoscope's FIRST LOOK


Last week Temme Media had the pleasure of attending Kaleidoscope’s First Look in Los Angeles, California. Kaleidoscope VR is an exclusive network for top virtual reality creators and industry leaders for support and exposure.  Kaleidoscope's CEO Rene Pinnell was the perfect host; accommodating, encouraging and inspiring.  The immense amount of talent and creativity that filled the beautiful Hudson Loft gave us all a case of the tech-tingles.  

The two day seminar started with project presentations from a diverse range of people and companies, all of which showcased a fusion of creative flare and technological edge. Those in attendance had the opportunity to explore the several spaces in which the demonstrations and installations were spread over.


While the entire event was fantastic, there were a few highlights for Temme.

  • Supporting another member of NEW INC, NYC.  Temme Media and Eliza McNitt are both Members at NEW INC in NYC, so having the opportunity to proudly cheer her on while she so eloquently presented her work was such a joy!
  • Meeting Adam Rogers from Gentle Manhands who approached us to express his appreciation of Temme's core values: uplifting women in the tech industry.  He too had noticed the ratio of males to females at the seminar (no prizes for guessing who had the majority) but hearing his absolute support for females in the tech industry was very encouraging. Adam said to me, “I want to be a part of the solution.” The best part - he wasn't the only male who wholeheartedly supported our movement! #mensupportingwomen
  • Taking off a headpiece in tears after watching The Visigoths by Beard & Glasses VR.  It was an intense romantic drama which perfectly utilized the medium of 360 film, making you feel like you are in a space (right between two lovers) that you wouldn't usually experience. 
  • Trying projects like the quirky interactive VR experience called 'George in the Tub' by Tender Claws.  The art project placed the user into a bath tub before being immersed into a reality where you are President George Bush painting a nude self portrait in the tub.   

A whirlwind 48 hours in Los Angeles, filled with creative juices, talented minds and supporters of #thefuturefeminine. Thank you Kaleidoscope!  

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