Social Good Summit


Temme Studios launched with our first commission by technology company Qualcomm to show how wireless technology can save lives. The 360 video premiered at the UN and Social Good Summit in NYC in 2016.


Qualcomm Wireless Reach is a corporate social responsibility initiative that brings mobile technology to underserved communities around the world. They selected Temme Studios to help tell their story in Virtual Reality. We traveled to Morocco to produce a Cinematic VR film that would demonstrate the transformative power of Qualcomm technology, while creating an emotional connection with viewers. The film, Mothers of the Atlas, shows first-hand how using mobile ultrasounds in remote areas of Morocco has helped to significantly decrease maternal and infant mortality rates.

In the fall of 2016, Temme and Qualcomm premiered the film at the United Nations and Social Good Summit in New York. Using Samsung Gear headsets, the Temme team was able to showcase the film in VR for attendees.

Temme is proud of our work on Mothers of the Atlas because it aligns with one of our core missions to help improve the global economic, health and social conditions for women.